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Let’s assume you (or someone you know) happened to get a traffic ticket in New Jersey. In which case, you may be wondering, now what? How do I pay my ticket? Can I make a ticket payment online?

No one wants to spend time going to court, and you certainly don’t want to deal with the hassle. Fortunately (despite the circumstances), we do have a tiny bit of good news. Drivers can now pay NJ tickets through the state’s official online portal, NJMCDirect!

We know, we know… paying for a ticket is always a tough sell in terms of being “good news,” but considering many people are embarrassed about getting a ticket, being able to pay online can be quite a relief.

In general, it’s important to remember that tickets/mistakes happen to the best of us. Drivers can easily get distracted (by any number of variables on the road) or lose focus, even for a second. Whatever the situation, traffic rules are serious business. And whether a driver breaks a traffic rule accidentally or on purpose, the end result is the same (a fine must be paid). 

Again, as difficult as it is to try to be positive, at least we don’t have to stress while waiting to attend a future court date. NJMCDirect.com helps you to take care of paying your ticket quickly and conveniently.

Do you still have questions about www.NJMCDirect.com? Keep reading, and we’ll share everything there is to know.

NJMCDirect Explained

NJMCDirect Portal

The NJMCDirect pay ticket portal is the New Jersey Municipal Court (NJMC) payment website that gives drivers an easy, safe, and secure method of dealing with their traffic tickets. 

The www.NJMCDirect.com pay ticket option works the same way as paying your traffic fine in court. Yes, you’ll need some information from your traffic ticket to get started, but from there the steps are fairly straightforward.

It should be noted that you can use www.NJMCDirect.com to pay for your ticket seven days a week with a few simple clicks. The NJMCDirect portal is also available on cell phones so that you can pay safely and quickly in just seconds.

But enough introduction, let’s continue and discuss the best ways to use www.njmcdirect.com for ticket payment online.

Using NJMCDirect To Pay New Jersey Tickets Online

To ensure that your www.njmcdirect.com online ticket payment process goes smooth, here’s a quick checklist of considerations:

Reliable Internet Access

The NJMCDirect portal requires a reliable internet connection on your desktop, laptop, or cell phone. It works best with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari web browsers.

Payment by Debit or Credit Card

On www.njmcdirect.com, you can pay with a valid debit card, Visa, or MasterCard credit card. The website has encryption for safe online transactions.

Traffic Ticket Info

To proceed through the www.njmcdirect.com payment system, you’ll need some information from the traffic ticket you received from a New Jersey police officer — the ticket number and court ID.

If you want to use NJMCDirect but can’t find your ticket, you may need to try the following page: NJ traffic ticket number. When using this link, you’ll want to have your vehicle license plate number handy or know the name of the vehicle’s registered owner who received the traffic ticket.

Traffic Ticket Criteria

A NJ traffic ticket must meet the following criteria on www.njmcdirect.com to allow ticket payment online:

  • The officer who issued your ticket must indicate it is a payable violation and that no court appearance is required
  • The officer must issue a ticket with no warrants attached
  • The ticket may be on a Time Payment Order
  • A NJ ticket must be available to view on NJMCDirect.com (typically, this happens within four days after being issued)

License Plate Number

A www.njmcdirect.com ticket payment requires the vehicle’s license plate number (connected to the legally authorized ticket). You can check your license plate on your vehicle or find the license plate number noted on the ticket.

NJMCDirect Hours of Operation

You can access njmcdirect ticket payments online, seven days a week. Please note the extended online payment hours at njmcdirect.com are:

Days Timing
Monday to Thursday 4:30 am to 11:15 pm (EST)
Friday 4:30 am to 10:15 pm (EST)
Saturday 4:30 am to 3:15 pm (EST)
Sunday 1:00 pm to 11:15 pm (EST)

Step by Step Process to Make NJMCDirect.com Payments Online

Here are all the steps to make your NJMCDirect payment online:

www.njmcdirect.com pay ticket

1) Open a Browser on Your Device

The www.njmcdirect.com online payment portal works best on Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox web browsers.

2) Go To the Official NJMCDirect Website

You can search for the NJMCDirect website on google or visit NJMCdirect.com.

3) On the NJMCDirect Website

You will know you’ve reached the NJMCDirect website when you see New Jersey Courts on the top left-hand side of your screen. You should also see the encryption symbol for the NJMCDirect site on your browser.

From there, select the “Traffic Ticket” box to continue.

4) Begin the NJMCDirect.com Payment Process

After you click on “Traffic Ticket,” you will need to enter some important details.

Traffic Ticket Information: You will see an example on the screen of a legally authorized NJ traffic ticket. You will enter the following information in the boxes on the screen:

  • Court ID/Name
  • Prefix
  • Ticket Number
  • License Plate Number

After you’ve entered this information, please click on the green “Search” button.

NJMCDirect.com then prompts you to select a payment method. Follow the instructions on the screen to select your desired payment method and enter your payment information.

Payment Options: Drivers can pay with a debit card, Visa, or MasterCard credit card. Please note, NJMCDirect.com charges a 3% service fee for online payments.

What Is a NJ Surcharge?

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission is responsible for assessing and issuing surcharges (called a NJ surcharge) to drivers who have violated New Jersey traffic laws.

If a driver accumulates too many points on their driving record, they may face points-based surcharges. We’ll explain the New Jersey traffic violation points system in detail below.

Drivers can also face conviction-based surcharges for specific traffic violations. These are typically more serious driving offenses, and the penalties can be stiff.

You can do a web search for NJsurcharge, or visit NJ Surcharge for detailed information (including info on how to pay).

Traffic Violation Points System In New Jersey

A points system gets applied to offenses when a driver violates NJ traffic laws, with points stored on their driving record. Points are measured based on how serious the offense is — more severe violations receive higher points.

New Jersey traffic laws state that drivers who accumulate 6 points on their driving record in 6 years may have to pay a NJ surcharge. If a driver accumulates up to 12 points on their driving record, their driver’s license may get permanently suspended.

The following are examples of the points system for typical traffic violations in New Jersey. As mentioned, higher points mean the driving offense is more serious:

  • Driver tailgates: 5 points given
  • Reckless driver: 5
  • Driver passes improperly: 4
  • Driver fails to observe traffic light: 2
  • Driver fails to yield to pedestrians: 2
  • Driver speeding: 2 to 5 points depending on the speed
  • Driving wrong way up a one-way street: 2
  • Improper Turn Signal: 2
  • Improper U-Turn: 2
  • Driver fails to yield to Emergency Vehicle: 2

How Do New Jersey Traffic Tickets Affect Insurance Rates?

When a driver gets a traffic ticket in New Jersey or receives points on their driving record, it could negatively affect their insurance rates.

Car insurance companies make predictions on driver risk based on their driving record. The more traffic tickets or points you accumulate, the greater likelihood that your annual insurance premiums will go up.

Can a New Jersey Driver Lose Their Car Insurance?

If a car insurer thinks a driver is too great a risk, they can drop your insurance coverage. Drivers may face a loss of insurance in the following situations:

  • A serious traffic accident resulting in significant damages or a person’s death
  • A serious traffic violation due to street racing or extreme, dangerous driving
  • Subsequent traffic violations (even lesser offenses) indicating patterns of risk

Thanks for reading our guide on NJMCDirecting!