NYC Parking Tickets

By | April 5, 2022
pay nyc parking tickets

Have you found yourself faced with one or more NYC parking tickets? Considering that driving in and around the city is inherently stressful in its own right – it’s a good idea to know what to do should you ever face a fine for illegal parking. 

If it’s any consolation, it’s pretty standard for people to receive a ticket (or more) during their driving career. And yes, in particular, we’re referring to the dreaded orange slip of paper that can seemingly appear out of nowhere when parking in New York City. Yet despite their popularity, it’s never a good idea to ignore a parking ticket. In fact, you may even be able to dispute it.

When you receive parking tickets in NYC or elsewhere, you can take one of two routes of action. You can either pay the fines due or dispute the charge. It’s typically only a good idea to dispute the charge if you know that the claim is invalid.

Do I have to pay for NYC parking tickets?

Unless you want to legally dispute the fines and charges from an NYC parking ticket, you’ll need to pay for them. Unfortunately, these tickets will immediately be logged within the city’s database – and that’s the least of your worries.

Ignoring NYC parking tickets means you’ll likely face additional fees and penalties for late payment (and sometimes even for debt collection). Typically, you’ll encounter a pre-penalty notice around 20 days after receiving the charge. You’ll then get charged a fee 30 days after the notice, then 60 days, then 90 days.

Leave your ticket unpaid for 100 days, and NYC will enter into judgment with you. You’ll also receive a 9% yearly interest fee on charges you owe per month.

Will NYC boot or tow my vehicle if I don’t pay parking tickets?

Yes, NYC’s Department of Finance will declare that your vehicle(s) can be booted if your total debt to the city reaches more than $350. You’ll hit this limit quicker if you have several cars or vehicles accruing fees – as the costs will be merged.

Removing the boot yourself will incur an extra charge, and you may face towing if you refuse to return it. Towing fees can start from $185, and you’ll be charged per night if taken to a compound.

Leave your car in a towing compound for more than 10 business days, and the city can auction your vehicle to pay towards your debt.

Will debt collection take place on NYC parking tickets?

Yes, if your debts extend beyond a specific value, then they can be sent to collections. Debt collectors can pursue you for unpaid fees and surcharges through various means – it is never a good idea to get on their bad side!

Altogether, it’s a good idea to simply pay your NYC parking fines if you believe you have no recourse to fight the charge.

Can I dispute NYC parking tickets and fines?

Yes, you can follow a process to dispute a ticket (which will be detailed on any tickets you receive). You’ll be able to take your claim to court; however, there is often a bit of a backlog regarding disputes. For example, many people use Ticket Wiper and/or other apps to help them navigate the dispute process to try and reverse charges.

However, you’ll typically only be able to dispute your parking fines successfully if it’s clear that there are errors on the ticket(s) in question. So, for example, if the ticket was not filled out correctly with your information, or if the dates are incorrect, you may have a case.

That said, always make a point to reach out to a lawyer or legal counsel if you wish to pursue a dispute for NYC parking tickets (or elsewhere). Beyond this, if you feel you don’t have enough evidence to back up your claim, you’ll simply need to pay any NYC parking tickets as soon as you can.

How do I pay NYC parking tickets?

There are three main ways you can pay for parking tickets in NYC:

  1. You can do so online.
  2. In-person, at a NY business center.
  3. Or you can pay via mail.

Paying online is the quickest and easiest way to clear NYC parking fines. Head over to the NYC parking ticket payments page and follow the process.

Remember, you won’t be able to pay for your parking tickets via phone. However, there is a helpline available for those in need.