Plead Not Guilty to a Parking Ticket in New Jersey

Many people wonder whether they can fight against the wrong issue of a parking ticket in New Jersey. They consider themselves not guilty and want to fight against the offense. If you are one of them then here in this article, I have provided the way through which you can plead not guilty to a parking ticket.

There are two alternatives when you receive a parking ticket in New Jersey. You can either pay the fine and add points to your driving license or you can fight against the ticket. If you are ready to pay the fine then there are chances that the fine amount may be huge or maybe minor. But the final result will be the addition of points. Fighting against the parking ticket in court will help you know whether you are guilty or not.

Thus, sometimes it may be necessary to plead not guilty and fight against the issue of parking tickets. Also, if you already have some points on your driving license and don’t want to increase them then pleading not guilty is the right alternative for you.

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How to plead not guilty?

For pleading not guilty and for fighting against the parking ticket issued you need to follow the following given steps:

1. Understand the Ticket Carefully

The first important thing is to carefully read the print on the ticket. Each ticket has a court date printed on it. Court follows their own rules for setting the court date. Hence you must not miss the date mentioned on your parking ticket. This is the date on which you can plead in the court or by which you can submit the plead not guilty application.

2. Be Available on the Prescribed Date

Once you plead not guilty the court will send you a notice mentioning the hearing date. You have to prepare beforehand on the provided date. If you are living far away and are not able to attend the court on the given date then you can take the help of a traffic court lawyer.

This is known as a plea by email. This type of plea will require an affirmative showing that it will not be a burden on the defendant for appearing in the court for resolving the issue. This type of method saves court time and out-of-state defendants.

3. Plan a meeting with the prosecutor

In the first court date, the prosecutor generally levies fewer charges which also involves fewer points on the license than the original charge. Thus, meeting the prosecutor can lead to fewer charges on your ticket along with the less fine amount. In such situations, it is ideal to pay less amount with fewer points on the license.

4. Appear in the court

Even if you strike a deal with the prosecutor then also you must appear before the judge. This is because the final decision about the deal depends upon the approval of the judge. The judge will ask you to present the factual basis for the record of amended charges. He will also allow you to speak for yourself in the hearing. If the deal is accepted by the court then you could pay the decided amount immediately after appearing in the court. Thus, you must be prepared with cash, credit card, or chequebook. Also, if you are unable to make the payment at the spot you can ask for a payment plan from the court.

5. Hire an attorney

You must always be aware of your rights, and options before you decide to fight against the ticket. It is recommended to hire a lawyer or consult with a traffic attorney for seeking guidance about the issue and further course of action.